Why you need an itag

Unfortunately theft and violent crime is on the rise. As experienced with my own son these cowards will go to any length to get what they want without any regard for YOUR safety.
Hurting or killing you for a bicycle etc we may believe is unthinkable but its happening every day. Bicycles, scooters and other vehicles are blatantly being stolen, often in full view of passers by in broad daylight.
Its time we stood up to this and used an iTag either as a deterent or as a way to track your belongings, retrieve them and catch the thieves. 
The video below is a very good example of how a tracker would have helped quickly. He did recover it but only by luck
One video going viral is that of a man attacked in a similar way to my son in Oct 2023. Luckily bystanders helped him.
Did you know there are around 77,500 bicycles stolen every year in the UK. Almost 90% of all bicycle theft cases reported to police over the past year were closed without a suspect even being identified, and just 1.7% resulted in someone being charged, analysis of crime statistics shows.!!! E-Bike thefts were up by 37% in 2021. Check out OUR STORY as to why bike theft drove us to starting COSMIC.
There are around 130,000 car thefts and 40,000 motorcycle thefts each year in the UK. These thefts are continuing to drive up insurance costs.
1 IN 3 Pets will go missing in their lifetime with 14% of dogs going missing within 5 years. 2160 dogs were stolen in 2022, thats 6 per day. It's estimated that 80,000 dogsand 200,000 cats are killed on our roads every year
170,000 people are reported missing every year and 70,000+ are children! There were also 1122 child abduction offences reported in 22/23. 
Theft of gadgets including mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smart watches increased by 41 per cent in London in 2022. 108,900 gadgets were stolen in 2022 – 298 per day – including 89,633 mobile phones
At airports some 26 million pieces of luggage were lost, delayed or damaged in 2022.